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Blog - Why Responsive Websites are a Must

Responsive websites are able to easily recognize what sort of device their visitors are using to view them. If a visitor opens the website on a tablet screen, it should behave just as well as it does on a smartphone or a laptop.

But what actually makes a website responsive? Here are some key elements:

  • Easily readable text without requiring zoom
  • Vertical scrolling
  • Scaling content for even the clumsiest of fingers to tap targets accurately
  • An easy-to-understand layout

If your website includes such a responsive design, it'll be easier to market to your target audience. Plus, you'll be able to update it as you see fit without worry of "breaking" any of the core functionality of the site.

GroupM7 crafts websites designed from the ground up for responsiveness. Our clients appreciate the comfort of knowing that their site is flexible for their purposes and eminently viewable for their customers. Contact us today to learn how we can deliver a responsive design for your web presence.

Nadine Antunez

Nadine, Sales and Operations Manager, joined The Group in March 2016. She holds a B.B.A. in International Business from the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management from Newcastle Business School, UK. She was born in Germany and spent years working and studying in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany and the USA.