Michael E. Mahfood

Michael E. Mahfood

The Passing of our Founder

June 21, 1949 - September 21, 2021

The Michael the world knew

Most people knew Michael Mahfood from afar as a great salesman, a savvy businessman, and a charismatic communicator. You’ve probably heard his commercials, read his articles, or seen him on TV.

Most loved him. A few disliked him... and some did a bit of both, depending on the day (and on the latest radio commercial).

What inspired us all about Michael is the fact that he didn’t care what anyone thought. He said it like he saw it, and that was the end of the matter.

Michael was also one of the most resilient people you’ll ever meet. You couldn’t keep him down. He always had a new business idea and a relentless optimism that drove his success.

He started GroupM7 in 1995 when the internet was still a baby. He purchased hundreds of domain names and began selling them and building websites, and the company took off quickly.

The Michael we knew

But the Michael we knew at GroupM7 goes far beyond the charismatic leader most people heard on the radio.

Michael was one of the most generous and caring people you’ll meet.

If you knew Michael, you probably have a mix of memories of him. You’ll remember moments when he made you mad. And you’ll remember other moments when he asked to see pictures of your kids, and then handed you a hundred dollar bill and told you to go spoil them.

When he spoke to his employees, he called most of us “kiddo.” That’s not just because he was the old guy of The Group. It’s because he saw us all as his family.

The Michael we’ll remember

GroupM7 is a family business. When most people hear that, they think it means it’s owned by the Mahfood family. But if you work here, you know what it really means… that when you join this team, you join the family.

We’re treated like family. We’re loved like family. We party like family. We fight like family. And we make up like family.

That’s largely because of Michael. He saw GroupM7 and its staff as his family. And he was always willing to do anything to help his “kiddos.”

Michael was a generous, kind, compassionate, opinionated, impatient, and resilient man. Those traits helped him raise a wonderful family, build a successful company, and live a full life!

He may be gone, but he’ll always be with us.

We love you Michael!

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