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Blog - What Photography Style is Best for your Website?

We are very pleased to launch our new "The Group" page on our website.

We have always asked team members to provide photos to us that we can use for our About Us page when they first start their job at the Group.

However, the majority of those photos had a different background color, resolution, and style.

Previous blog posts such as "The Importance of Great Photography for Websites" discuss how Group M7 emphasizes the importance of good website photography to clients. Bad team photography or photography in general can downgrade the look of your website and lead to a negative user experience.

After all, why pay for a professional website when the most important aspect of the website -- your work and people -- are not presented in the best possible way?

We figured that we should lead by example and update our "Team" page to achieve a consistent and professional look. Check it out for yourself!

When it comes to your website, there are certainly different looks that you can go for when it comes to how your staff is presented.

We like to divide the styles into three categories:

We have used our Sales Manager Nadine as an example to illustrate the different looks. 

"The Business Look"

We like to call this style "The Business Look" since it shows an office staff member or executive in their everyday setting. It is also used if the subject is less comfortable in front of the camera since it allows them to distract themselves with other items like a pen or notebook.

Image title


This is the most commonly used style of corporate photography since it is simple and straightforward. It generally requires good lighting and a more comfortable photo subject. This is most definitely the look that you can find on our team page:

Image title

"In Action"

This look is commonly recommended if you work in an industrial setting or if you want to have a photographer capture a group photo. An "In Action" photo tends to capture the natural work environment in the background and gives the photo a nice touch. We choose to use our server room as our "In Action" landscape and wanted to see the photography in color and black/white.

Image title

Image title

All in all, it doesn’t really matter which photography style you are most comfortable with; our goal is to allow your website to portray your company in its very best form. After all, people sell people and we all love to see the people behind a business and the individuals that we have correspondence with on a daily basis. How many times have you looked through a company's website only to stop on the staff page to see if you recognize a particular person that you have talked to multiple times?

Finally, it takes quite a few tries to get the perfect shot. You can see for yourself below:

Image title

Nadine Antunez

Nadine, Sales and Operations Manager, joined The Group in March 2016. She holds a B.B.A. in International Business from the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management from Newcastle Business School, UK. She was born in Germany and spent years working and studying in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany and the USA.