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How many things from 1995 still exist today?

Dial-up was replaced by broadband, AltaVista was replaced by Google, and the Palm Pilot was replaced by BlackBerry...which was replaced by the iPhone.

One thing from 1995 that's still here? GroupM7 Design.

Helping Businesses Reach Their Customers for Nearly 30 Years

We're celebrating our 29th year in business-which is something few web designers, much less web design firms, can say.

We're older than Google, yet we're still here. Why? We continue to innovate.

Decades of Forward Thinking

We use the latest technologies and best practices, and we always have. We survey trends and new software, but we don't blindly adopt them.

Just because something is new and flashy doesn't mean we use it. We look at it, mull it over, and see if it actually improves our process and provides a better experience for our clients. If it does, we use it. If it doesn't, we move on- no matter how many of our competitors jump on its bandwagon.

Since 1995, we've built cutting-edge websites, and we've been consistently improving and innovating ever since.

Now, we offer:

  • Completely custom websites
  • A full suite of professional marketing services
  • Search engine optimization services to keep your website ranking on Google
  • On-site web hosting
  • And any other things you need to keep your website beautiful and functional

Stop Playing Catch-up and Start Being a Pacesetter

The internet is infinitely more competitive than it was in 1995. Truthfully, it's infinitely more competitive than it was even in 2015, and it's only getting harder to be seen on Google.

Now more than ever, you need a winning team on your side if you want your website to be visible.

When you're ready to beat the competition, contact GroupM7 to schedule a free consultation.

Catie Boyd