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Blog - The Importance of Owning Your Own Website When Choosing a Web Design Company

By Aaron Dunn
Thursday, January 25, 2018

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Are you a business owner looking to start a new website for your business?

If so, you've probably done some research and found a wide range of web design companies that offer varying packages to design your site. Many of them look very appealing, offering low monthly rates and promising you'll see your sales grow dramatically. All you have to do is lock into a contract with them, stretching from one year to several years.

What you might not know is that through an arrangement like this, you won't actually own your website at all. And at the end of each year, you might find you've paid a whole lot more money than you would have had you simply paid an upfront fee to have it built.

But saving money isn't the only reason why you should own your own website. Here are a few reasons why owning your own website can seriously pay off in the long run!

No More Monthly "Leasing" Fees

Try and multiply by twelve the amount of money you might spend each month just to have a website through one of these web design companies. There's a good chance you'll get sorely ripped off.

At first it may sound like a fantastic deal. The pitch may have explained something like "low monthly fees," without providing the crucial detail that many businesses actually don't pay monthly fees at all. In fact, here's all you should actually be paying for your website: hosting and domain name fees, and optional maintenance or content development fees.

That's it.

And through this more proper arrangement, you'll own your own website after paying an upfront cost to have it designed – and then it's yours to do with as you please (without monthly fees).

No More Starting from Scratch

If you don't own your own website after you've had it designed, there's a good chance that when you try and relocate it to a new server, you'll lose all the work you put into it.

That's right, if you're locked into a monthly payment contract, you might not get to keep your website. It was never really yours to begin with – instead, the company will tell you that if you want to transfer to a new host, you'll have to start all over and pay someone else to have your site made from the ground up.

When you hire the services of GroupM7's web design team in East Texas, you're able to have full ownership over your website. That means when you decide you want to try new hosting services, you won't have to start over from scratch.

Don't be taken advantage of by a salesperson that convinces you that a monthly fee is a necessary operating cost of having a website for your business. Contact GroupM7 today to learn how you can own and operate your own website, your way!

Aaron Dunn

Aaron is a writer by trade with several years of professional experience under his belt. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Before joining the Group, he worked as a freelancer and tech reviewer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aaron currently lives in Pittsburg, TX.