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Blog - ADA Compliance of Websites is Becoming a Necessity for Many Organizations

ADA Compliance

The era of the Internet seeming like the Wild West has come to an end. These days, there are certain strict regulations in place that all businesses must follow if they wish to abide by federal law.

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in any form. This means that businesses, both large and small, must make accommodations for all individuals – even in the digital environment.

ADA compliance includes features like:

· Easily resizable text with optional high contrast modes

· Forms and built-in components that meet accessibility standards

· Photos with description text

· Videos with audio descriptions and transcripts

· A text-only option with full keyboard functionality

If your website is built from the ground up with these features in mind, you'll have a head start on avoiding being the target of a lawsuit or government action. It's just good business sense.

You're probably asking: How can my business be sure to adhere to these guidelines?

The answer: With a website created by a qualified web design firm like GroupM7.

GroupM7 knows how to ensure your website is always fully ADA compliant. We understand and follow the guidelines enforced by the Department of Justice, so you never have to worry about the threat of lawsuit.

Nadine Antunez

Nadine, Sales and Operations Manager, joined The Group in March 2016. She holds a B.B.A. in International Business from the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management from Newcastle Business School, UK. She was born in Germany and spent years working and studying in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany and the USA.