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We help many clients with their logo design needs. Occasionally, a client already knows that they want and provide us a with a sketch that we turn into a digital logo. We don't just copy what they have but also like to offer our professional opinion and advise on how to make it better. Check out the before and after of this logo design. What are your thoughts?

In this case, the client wanted to depict himself in the action figure and also include his American Bulldog "Spike" on the design. He is in the Air Conditioning and Heating business and wanted to make sure that his logo included some clues about that.

We offered him some initial ideas on what we would change and he agreed with our suggestions which is why the final version looks slightly different. 

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Nadine Antunez

Nadine, Sales and Operations Manager, joined The Group in March 2016. She holds a B.B.A. in International Business from the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management from Newcastle Business School, UK. She was born in Germany and spent years working and studying in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany and the USA.